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AQUEDUCT: Poems by Joel Thomas Katz published by Dutch Poet Press in 2023 explores the world of dreams with an array of keen personal insights both serious and funny, delightful and penetrating.

Softcover | 42 pages | $15

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Joel Thomas Katz


JOEL THOMAS KATZ is a poet and translator with a strong interest in language drawn from his studies in linguistics, music, and other languages including Dutch, Hebrew, French, and Russian.  Joel collaborates with Robert Perry of Dutch Poet Press in translating contemporary Dutch poetry harvuta-style like study partners of Jewish texts.

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So I wondered about my namesake and opened a Bible to the Book of Joel (minor prophet, just three chapters) and found locusts—a plague of them—laying waste to the vines, splintering fig trees and stripping the bark, covering the moon with a rusty gauze. And nobody was standing